The Cube

Combining spectacular design and sophisticated technology the new cube patio roof lets you enjoy your garden from the very first day of spring to the last day of autumn allowing you to enjoy that al fresco lifestyle. The innovative roof design is totally unique, completely watertight and guarantees reliable drainage. This new rectangular construction is possible due to the unique glass support system which has been voted the winner of The German Design Award 2019, German engineering at its very best! The pitch of the glass panels has been cleverly integrated into the frame of the roof system to give that modern contemporary look. The ingenious design also incorporates a hidden gutter to speed away rainwater through the concealed downpipe in one of the support posts allowing you to enjoy your garden even during inclement weather. These superb design features allow the Cube to not only be a modern beautiful clean looking structure but also a very functional one as well.

Fabric Colour Options

With 56 colours to choose from the new Flex Choice frames will add an elegant and stylish look to your patio. Here are a small selection of frame colours.

Antibes – Classic for Larger Patios

  • Timeless classic design
  • For spacious patios up to 48m2
  • Certified up to wind force 5
  • Max width 12 m (2 section system)
  • Unique safe closing device
  • LED lighting – for longer nights
High-performance technology meets high-calibre design – the Antibes incorporates both in one premium cassette awning. Specifically conceived to shade larger patios, its wonderfully classic shape blends in perfectly with any style of home adding a touch of refined sophistication. A wealth of unique features also make the awning durable, easy to use and outstandingly convenient in its operation.